Christmas Giveaway 2021

Every year we ask for nominations of loved ones to be awarded the gift of beauty. Bedroom Eyes by Sheila is honored to give this $550 Christmas Giveaway to Laurie and Jami.

Laurie is a kind and loving Mother who has been the rock in her family, along with an amazing example of love, kindness, and strength. Just a few years ago Laurie suffered from a brain aneurysm that nearly took her life. Her daughter submitted for her because she knew this would be something that could continue to make her mother feel beautiful. We feel honored that we get to serve this wonderful mother and help her to experience a bit more sunshine in her life.

Jami is a single mother of two children who has experienced life’s up and downs. We hope in some small way, she will find joy in our gift of microbladed eyebrows. Thank you, Bridgette, for sharing your cousin’s heartfelt story.

Published by Sheila Khammuan

Makeup Artist