Is Microblading Painful

How painful is Microblading? This is a frequently asked question. You may already have done some research and know that microblading involves breaking the skin to insert pigment into the hairstroke cuts. Sounds painful but, how painful is it really? It might not be as bad as you imagine. Beauty is pain they say. You’llContinue reading “Is Microblading Painful”

Bundle Permanent Makeup and Save!

Did you know that waking up to permanent makeup doesn’t have to break the bank? Our clients love the option of bundling services. Choose to bundle two areas for $399 or three areas for $599. Select from lip blushing, eyebrow microblading or eyeliner. Visit for our before and after gallery, pricing and learn moreContinue reading “Bundle Permanent Makeup and Save!”

Lip Blush

What You Should Know About Lip Blush The term “permanent makeup” is a bit of a misnomer. This highly specialized application technique is not a lifelong commitment like traditional body tattooing. Though the pioneers of semi-permanent makeup did use the same vibrant liquid pigments favored by body tattooists, advances in the industry have altered theContinue reading “Lip Blush”

What to Expect After Microblading

The Microblading Healing Process Is Quicker Than You Think If you are in good health, you should be pleasantly surprised at how easily and quickly your microblading heals. We’re going to go over how your microblading will look as it’s healing and the two most common and popular methods of microblading aftercare. The Microblading HealingContinue reading “What to Expect After Microblading”